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Two Common Health Risks Early Preparation Can Save You From

Two Common Health Risks Early Preparation Can Save You From

As you age, the risks of health problems (including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and lung disease) increase and can prevent you from enjoying your lives. But there is a lot you can do to steer your fate away from these killers or dull their impact in case they arise.Reducing the risk of these chronic diseases is within your control. Given below are ways to reduce the risk associated with two life-threatening diseases, including heart and cancer:

  1. Heart Diseases

There is an alarming rise in the incidence of heart-related ailments in India. Now the question arises how to prevent such diseases? You can follow the below tips and prepare to get rid of heart-related disorders:

Take care of your wellbeing:

With the aim to get the protection against heart diseases, it is extremely important to understand the risks and treatment choices. There might be noteworthy chances of getting a coronary illness because of your ignorance or misinformation. Moreover, the initial step is to take care of your health.

Stop smoking and don’t use tobacco:

In tobacco smoke, there is a presence of carbon monoxide, which increases the blood pressure and heart rate. This results in the heart to work harder to supply enough oxygen. Thus, cigarette smoking and passive smoking increases the possibility of getting the heart disease and stroke.

Monitor your cholesterol level:

High blood cholesterol is a condition that to a great degree raises your chances of developing coronary heart disease. Additional cholesterol in the blood settles on the inner walls of the arteries, narrowing them and leading to the limited blood supply to the heart. Hence your goal must be to constantly monitor your cholesterol levels and see to it that your LDL cholesterol is below 130 mg/dL and total cholesterol is below 200 mg/dL.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Being obese or overweight accelerates cardiovascular diseases and heart attack risk. So, eat healthy and be active to prevent chronic diseases linked to obesity.

  1. Cancer

Cancer prevalence is increasing rapidly among Indians, primarily because of low awareness and late detection. Most of the cancers are related to lifestyle and are avoidable. You can take charge of your cancer prevention plan in following ways:

Make smart food choices:

The risk of cancer can be drastically reduced by consuming a diet that includes more of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Cut down the intake of fatty, salty, and processed food items.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water or other liquids can aid to dilute the concentration of cancer-causing agents in urine. These agents are then flushed through the bladder, also reducing the risk of bladder cancer.

Steer clear of Tobacco:

The risk of developing cancer is doubled when tobacco is consumed in any form. While chewing tobacco can cause oral and pancreatic cancer, smoking tobacco can cause tumour of the lungs, cervix, kidney and bladder.

Exercise regularly:

Research demonstrates that roughly 30 minutes of daily physical activity can decrease your cancer risk. Additionally, it helps in keeping up a perfect body weight which could bring down the risk of developing colon tumour, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate malignancy and kidney disease.

Limit the utilisation of Mobile phones:

Studies have shown an immediate connection between mobile phones and tumours of the cerebrum, nerves and different tissues of the head/neck. This is because cell phones communicate with base stations that make broad use of RF radiation. And if the intensity of this radiation is high, it increases the body temperature, in this manner giving rise to an extensive variety of health problems.

Go for periodic health-checkups:

Going for periodic medical check-ups can give a better understanding of your present wellbeing status. Getting tested consistently will likewise help in early recognition and effective treatment of many kinds of cancer.

But remember:

While you may constantly endeavour to discover new ways to live healthier lives, adopt customised dietary, and exercise regimes, it is equally important to be aware of the fact that health adversities often occur unannounced; consequently, burning a hole in our pocket.You can always be prepared to face such an eventuality by taking an adequate health insurance coverage so that they can get quality medical treatment without being concerned about the overbearing expenses related to it.

Additionally, critical illnesses (including cancer and heart diseases) which are severe health conditions, require huge amount of money for treatment.Critical illness insurance plans specifically cover the cost of treatment for such illnesses. These kinds of health insurance plans offer lump sum that can be used for various purposes such as to pay for expensive treatments, pay off debts, or make up for loss of income due to fall in the ability to earn.

Though a critical illness plan can be bought as a standalone policy, critical illness riders can also be clubbed with your life or health insurance plans. While terms and conditions under both the options are more or less the same, the choice between a standalone policy and a rider must depend on your requirement.


Sedentary lifestyles these days have led to an increase in the occurrence of many diseases related to heart and cancer claiming lives at a young age, thus increasing the need for health insurance plans. While buying health insurance, remember a few key points. Decide what cover is sufficient for you and your family and ensure that it is in line with rising medical expenses.

No one wants their family panicking and running around arranging for money to pay off hospital expenses. Along these lines, regardless of how great your health is, “Now” is an ideal time to purchase health insurance for yourself.

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