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Scotland: App for Early Detection of Cancer Developed

Scotland: App for Early Detection of Cancer Developed

United Kingdom: A scientific boon in the form of a new application for doctor’s with referrals for patients suspected of suffering from cancer has been launched by the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies, University at the West of Scotland.

Available as a free download via the Apple and Google App. Stores, it was the Scottish Government  that commissioned the development of this app version of the Scottish Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer.

The special feature of the application being that it can be continually updated while being used in the wi fi Zone, making availability of the latest information a reality . The app can be used offline too.

Dr Douglas Rigg, a Glasgow GP responsible for the  development of the app, said: “The app brings us quick access to information to support clinical decision-making.” He further stated , “Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of GPs’ equipment and apps like this are part of the future of primary care and for GPs keeping knowledge up to date.”

According to the UK  Health Secretary Shona Robinson, the app which has been made in partnership with health professionals and patients will make possible access of information on referrals suspected of cancer for doctors, pharmacists and senior nurses.

The Health Secretary further elaborated,  that the earlier the disease was  diagnosed and treated, the better the survival outcomes. He said  improvement among patients diagnosed at an early stage would help reduce premature deaths from cancer and bring about improvement in the overall life expectancy. He urged  relevant health professionals to download this app and use it for the benefit of patients suspected for cancer.

Source: Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies
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