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Practo Launches its healthcare services in Brazil

Practo Launches its healthcare services in Brazil

Brazil: Practo has launched its healthcare  facility in Brazil, the 5th largest economy in the world and a $ 200 Billion healthcare market. More importantly, a country with 200 million consumers who we can be helped to  make better healthcare decisions and lead healthier lives.

The three components of the companies healthcare facility to be launched in Brazil  include Practo Search, a provider of highest quality doctor listings, Practo Ray,a cloud-based practice management solution of choice used by doctors and clinics around the world and its award winning smartphone applications,  a service that ensures that patients have the best possible healthcare experience on-the-go.

Practo Search , immediately,  is going to cover over 5500 doctors and  half the clinics of the city. The service would enable consumers to search through a verified database of doctors and find the  right one. The doctor being looked for can be  found by name, specialisation and even symptoms. Practo Search would enlists  doctors on panel for free and disperses services to the consumer without a charge, as well. The doctors listed by Practo Search in Sau Paulo  would be  those who are  individually verified  in terms of experience, qualification, affiliations and specialization.

Insurance being an important aspect of the Brazilian market, the display would reflect the name of the one accepted by a particular medical practitioner/clinic.

Practo Ray, the second service offered in Brazil would involve  simplifying & scheduling appointments and providing  powerful billing and inventory management for doctors. It would  also help create digital health records and prescriptions so that consumers always have their healthcare history available to them.

The companies smart phone applications would help healthcare providers be more efficient while providing higher quality care.

With the initial plan involving expanding doctor base in Sau Paulo, the second half of the expansion phase  would include  spreading reach of the healthcare service  in Rio de Janeiro and eventually in all  large cities of Brazil.






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Geeta Sharma

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