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New healthcare machinery to curb modern-life stress

New healthcare machinery to curb modern-life stress

Tokyo : Modern life stress and body ache is a growing concern among most of the people globally. There are many types of equipment available to de-stress the body. Japan’s Dream Factory Corporation has introduced a circular cylinder which vibrates 10,000 times in 3 minutes and gives relaxation to the body.

The machine is effective for stretching. Putting it onto calf and back which is necessary to be cured it stimulates muscle without burden. It is effectively relaxing. Making muscle soft and accelerate digestion of fat this machine contributes to diet.

“Our concept is to create beauty and health. We are developing a sheet for massage. But this machine has been developed to make massage more strongly,” said Yoshinori Sugimoto.

“The 3D massage seat called ‘DoctorAir’ is small and light. It helps to massage neck and shoulder to de-stress the body,” added Yoshinori.

The machine is portable and helps to solve aging and stress of daily life. The company is planning to market the product to other countries in across Asia.

“Japanese people spend money to get a healing moment. It was brought by keen progress of Japanese society. I suppose many new rising countries incline to this tendency. I expect big market will rise in new rising countries,” added Sugimoto.

“Pepper is a robot introduced for communication by Softbank. The humanoid robot introduced by SoftBank Mobile has an ability to read emotions. Pepper’s emotion comes from the ability to analyze expressions and voice tones,” added Yuta Ishida.

A special application in the robot can held aged person to make exercise and develop conversation and game to activate brain.

Against measure to disease of aphasia currently i-pad rehabilitation is adapted. But it is boring and thrown out.

Humanoid like this Pepper can provide more humanistic cure. Patient concentrates to talk more skillfully. It brings effective training. Japan is very popular to be most aged society.

Technology has brought more convenience to daily life.

Source: ANI
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