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MUrgency app for women in distress

MUrgency app for women in distress

New Delhi : One thing most of us carry at all times is our phones, so why not turn them into a life-saving device? The world’s first emergency medical response app, MUrgency, is offering safety features for women in distress apart from addressing medical emergency issues.

The new features include three useful free services to help women seek help during emergency situations.

The first feature, ‘Virtual Body Guard,’ is designed for individuals who are traveling alone, visiting an unfamiliar location or meeting up with someone new. This feature will share the geo location with friends and family and offer help if needed. Users can also upload photos of the vehicle and the driver.

The second feature, ‘ShoutOut’ communicates to other MUrgency Users, who are within a radius of 500 meters to 50 kilometers. This feature will help women stranded on highways, lost in foreign cities or looking for a lost child by shouting out to nearby MUrgency Users. Women can change the range of reach of their message as per need.

The third feature, the ‘Nearby’ service can locate nearby emergency facilities like police stations.

As per Sweta Mangal, Director & Co-Founder, MUrgency Inc., “The Body Guard feature on the MUrgency app is getting a very positive response from women across the board. Designed to help women feel safe wherever you go, the app gets your friends or family to watch over you, with one tap. We believe that empowerment for women is the freedom to work, travel and live without fear.”

The safety features for women make MUrgency a must have for women with a smart phone. Besides these features, MUrgency offers a network of credentialed emergency medical professionals including doctors, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, health workers, and first aid assistants to help individuals facing a medical emergency. People can join the network by creating a virtual profile with all details to help with any medical issues.

The app is free and currently available on both Android and Apple.

Source: ANI
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