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Home Remedies That Offer Relief From Food Poisoning

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New Delhi: We love street food delicacies like gol guppas and chole bhature, and whenever we get a chance, we grab a bite. However, we don’t always care about how hygienic or safe they may be. It’s when we experience symptoms of food poisoning like abdominal pain and diarrhoea that we reflect on their hygiene standards and our food choices.

Food poisoning is caused mainly by improper and unhygienic handling of food, which may allow breeding of harmful bacteria. Such disease-causing bacteria are commonly found in dairy products, seafood, food stored in the open and fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, it is vital that we make wise choices while choosing eatables. Along with that washing our hands frequently with Dettol Handwash can also help keep bacteria away.

When food poisoning leaves us drained out and irritated, we may want to rush to the doctor immediately. However, there are many home remedies that can stop a bout of food poisoning in its track. Let’s have a look!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

As the name suggests, this vinegar is made from apples. Although acidic in nature, it has an alkaline effect in the way it gets metabolised in the body. Due to this, apple cider vinegar helps fight various symptoms of food poisoning. It thereby soothes the gastrointestinal lining and kills the bacteria in the body.

For instant relief, you can mix two tablespoons of this vinegar in hot water and take it before meals. Alternatively, you may take three to four teaspoons of undiluted vinegar.

2. Ginger

Known for its therapeutic benefits, ginger is used to treat many ailments. It helps in the absorption of essential nutrients in the body and aids in digestion. Therefore, it gives quick relief from nausea and vomiting. With anti-bacterial properties, it also fights the disease-causing bacteria.

You can have ginger tea or add a few drops of its juice in honey and swallow it three to four times a day. Another way can be to have a few slices of raw ginger with water simply. It will help reduce inflammation and pain.

3. Lime Water

When suffering from food poisoning, our body loses more water than it usually does. So, to overcome dehydration, a good intake of fluids is essential. Lemon too has antibacterial properties. Moreover, if salt is added, then taking lime-water a couple of times during the day will maintain salt and water levels in the body. This can help remain
energised when under food poisoning treatment.

4. Yoghurt and Fenugreek Seeds

The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of yoghurt can fight bacteria in the body. Moreover, the fenugreek seeds can treat abdominal discomfort that you may experience.

You can first eat one teaspoon of yoghurt, and then follow it up with a spoon of fenugreek seeds. The combined effect of the two will cure vomiting and pain quite instantly.

5. Bananas

Due to diarrhoea and vomiting, the body loses out on potassium. To restore potassium levels, banana can be a good option. One can either have it just like that or in the form of a shake, by blending it in milk that is boiled and cooled.

6. Garlic

Known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, garlic can fight off disease-causing bacteria. It can thus, provide relief from many symptoms.

We can have a clove of garlic along with warm water or can boil it to sip it from time to time.

7. Honey

Honey is known for treating indigestion and food poisoning because of its inherent properties. It can either be taken in its raw form or with water.

It helps prevent the formation of excess acid in the stomach and thereby heals an upset stomach.

8. Cold milk

Cold milk has always been known for treating an upset stomach. You can add some flavour to it if you don’t like having it plain. However, it works best when had in its pure form.

9. Apple

Apple reduces reflux and heartburn in the body. It also prohibits the formation of bacteria in the stomach, thereby reducing pain. So, one can also have an apple in between meals.

10. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds help ease inflammation and discomfort in the stomach caused by food poisoning.

You can either have these seeds raw with water or can make an herbal drink of the same by boiling these in water.

11. Basil Leaves

An excellent herb, basil effectively cures abdominal pain. With its anti-bacterial properties, it can be good during food poisoning treatment.

One can either have its juice extracted from the leaves and have it with honey or can add a few drops in water and sip it frequently.

Raid Your Kitchen!

Your kitchen is a storehouse of remedies. When food poisoning strikes, use these natural food options to fight off the bacteria. Also, avoid heavy or fried food for a few days until you recover completely.

Moreover, to keep food poisoning causing bacteria away, make it a habit of washing your hands frequently with Dettol handwash. You can also use Dettol hand sanitizer when outside. This habit will also go a long way in helping you prevent not just food poisoning but also many other diseases.

So, stay healthy and happy!

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