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Here’s What it Takes to Pursue B Pharma in India

Here’s What it Takes to Pursue B Pharma in India

New Delhi: The high demand for health care in India has made it an ever-growing industry. This increasing demand has turned the healthcare industry immune to the wrath of depression, keeping it an ever-flourishing one. All these have made the field of pharmacy a fruitful path to walk on.

Pharmacists are one of the most significant contributors to the healthcare industry, making it grow and prosper. In 2017, India’s pharmaceutical sector was valued at 33 billion in 2017, 20 per cent of global exports in terms of value was accounted for generic drugs. The country becomes the largest one when it comes to providing generic medicines worldwide.

With India being so ahead of when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, there are a plethora of opportunities available. This makes B pharma course an attractive one to pursue students that are looking for higher education in the healthcare industry.

Here’s what you need to jump the bandwagon and make a fruitful career in pharmacy after doing your B Pharma course.

Have Empathy 

Having empathy is a substantial part of being in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare professional, you will meet patients that are ailing and their families as well. The patients and their families are already suffering, and you’d need to have some compassion to deal with them. It is a prerequisite to be kind and empathetic towards people when in this field of work.

Contribute to the Society

As a pharmacist after your B Pharma degree, you work very closely with researching and developing of medicine. You must ensure that these medicines are accessible, safe, effective and affordable for the masses. This contribution is massive as a pharmacist plays a significant role in contributing to society.

Be a Problem Solver

Working in the healthcare field as a pharmacist is a challenging ordeal. You will have to deal with new and challenging tasks every day in this industry. It will be your responsibility to find an effective and efficient solution under a short period. Doing a B Pharma course will help you learn these skills and be able to solve every problem

Be a Multitasker

As mentioned above, you will have to deal with multiple challenges that will be thrown your way. To be able to solve these tasks efficiently, you need to be a multitasker. Along with being a multitasker, you must even be able to priorities tasks and deliver them on time.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has rocketed in the past few years making it one of the most desirable field. Many students are now opting for B Pharma courses to make their healthcare professional dreams come true. However, you must make sure that you pursue your B Pharma course from a university that imbibes all the knowledge onto its students that would eventually turn them into the best ones in their field.

One such university that has all the best facilities that would turn you into the pharmacist you always wanted to be is UPES. The university has the best facilities in terms of curriculum, faculty, laboratories and more. The curriculum is aligned with the latest industrial developments that happen around the world, giving students the most recent education. Students are provided with industrial exposure to ensure that they receive a first-hand experience of their respective field. This is done by providing students with industrial visits, guest lectures, seminars, projects, and much more. With such great amenities and prospects, nothing can come between you becoming one of the best pharmacists in India!

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