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Fortis Healthcare reports a Q4 net loss at Rs 37.52 crore, Check out details

Fortis Healthcare reports a Q4 net loss at Rs 37.52 crore, Check out details

Fortis Healthcare  reported a consolidated net loss of Rs 37.52 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2017.
The company had posted a net loss of Rs 87.60 crore for the corresponding period of previous fiscal, Fortis Healthcare said in a BSE filing.

Consolidated income from operations of the company stood at Rs 1,123.43 crore for the quarter under consideration. It was Rs 1,070.18 crore for the same period year ago.

Consolidated income from operations of the company stood at Rs 1,123.43 crore for the quarter under consideration. It was Rs 1,070.18 crore for the same period year ago.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, the net profit of the company stood at Rs 479.28 crore. It had posted a net profit of Rs 41.79 crore for the year-ago fiscal.

Income from operations of the company for the fiscal year ended March this year was at Rs 4,573.71 crore. It was Rs 4,198.89 crore for the previous fiscal year.

The company said that as the consolidated financial results include the financial results of FHTL from the acquisition date,hence figures are not comparable with the previous periods.
Following is the summary of the Q4 results for FORTIS

Consolidated Business – Key Financial Highlights for the year (FY17)

  • Consolidated Revenues at Rs 4,574 Cr, up 8.7%. This is despite the impact of demonetization witnessed in H2FY17. Revenue growth in H1FY 17 (versus the corr. previous period) was at 9.7%, while in H2FY17 revenue growth stood at 7.6% largely as a result of demonetization.
  • Consolidated Operating EBITDAC (EBITDA before net business trust costs) was at Rs 734 Cr, +10.5%, representing a margin of 16.1% versus 15.8% in the previous year. EBITDAC margins in H1FY 17 were at 17.2%, while in H2FY17 EBITDAC margins were at 14.8% largely as a result of demonetization.
  • Consolidated Operating EBITDA was at Rs 362 Cr, up 75%, representing a margin of 7.9% versus a margin of 4.9% in the previous year.
  • PBT before exceptional and foreign exchange gain/(loss) witnessed significant improvement at Rs 76.6 Cr versus Rs (52.5) Cr in the previous year
  • PAT after Minority Interest and Share in Associates ( PATMI) was at Rs 426.1 Cr versus Rs 27.7 Cr in the previous year. PATMI includes a one-time gain in Share in Associates. This is the Company’s share in the profits of RHT which includes the exceptional gain arising from the FHTL transaction recorded in Q3FY17.
  • FY17 revenues for the India hospital business were at Rs 3,712 Cr, up 8.3%. Operating EBITDAC was at Rs 545 Cr, a growth of 7.9%. The EBITDAC for the India hospital business represents a margin of 14.7%, similar to previous year margins.
  • Key operational parameters in the Company’s hospital business continued to see a healthy uptrend. ARPOB (Average Revenue per Occupied Bed) grew to Rs 1.45 Cr compared to Rs 1.37 Cr in FY16, an increase of 6%. ALOS (Average length of stay) was at 3.56 days similar to previous year, while Occupancy improved to 75% versus 72% in FY16 respectively.
  • FMRI, the Company’s flagship facility recorded revenues of Rs 479 Cr in FY17, a healthy growth of 16% over the previous year. The flagship facility has become the highest ARPOB generating hospital in the Company’s network of multi-specialty hospitals. The ARPOB at FMRI stood at Rs 2.58 Cr in FY17 (FY16: Rs 2.50 Cr). The hospital continues to record a strong improvement in operating profitability.
  • Revenue at the Fortis Escorts facility, continued to ramp up. It recorded a revenue of Rs 402 Cr in FY17, an increase of 17% over the corresponding previous period and also continued to witness a steady improvement in its operating profitability.
  • The India diagnostics business recorded revenues (net of inter company elimination) of Rs 795 Cr, up 10.6%. The operating profitability of the diagnostics business .i.e. EBITDA was at Rs 174.6 Cr, similar to the previous year. EBITDA margins stood at 21.9% against 24.3% in FY16.

*EBITDAC refers to EBITDA before net business trust costs 

Consolidated Business – Key Financial Highlights for the quarter (Q4FY17)

  • Consolidated Revenues were at Rs 1,123 Cr versus Rs 1,070 Cr in the corresponding previous quarter, up 5%.
  • Consolidated Operating EBITDAC (EBITDA before net business trust costs) was at Rs 148 Cr, representing a 13.2% margin, comparable to the 14.9% margin in the corresponding previous quarter.
  • Consolidated Operating EBITDA at Rs 84 Cr, up 79% and representing a margin of 7.5% versus a margin of 4.4% in the corresponding previous quarter.
  • PBT before exceptional and foreign exchange gain / (loss) witnessed significant improvement at Rs 17 Cr versus Rs (29) Cr in the corresponding quarter.
  • PAT after Minority Interest and Share in Associates (PATMI) was at Rs (63.8) Cr versus Rs (90.7) Cr in the previous quarter.
  • India hospital business revenues were at Rs 913 Cr versus Rs 871 Cr in Q4FY16. Operating EBITDAC in the quarter stood at Rs 110 Cr, representing a margin of 12.0% versus 14.8% in the corresponding previous quarter. This compares to 14.3% in the trailing quarter.
  • ARPOB (Average Revenue per Occupied Bed) in the quarter stood at Rs 1.50 Cr as compared to Rs 1.43 Cr in Q4FY16, a growth of 5%. ALOS (Average length of stay) was at 3.50 days versus 3.59 days in the previous corresponding quarter, while Occupancy stood at 70% versus 71% in Q4 FY16.
  • The India diagnostics business recorded net revenues of Rs 203 Cr compared to Rs 181 Cr in Q4FY16, up 12.3%. The operating EBITDA was at Rs 40 Cr, representing an EBITDA margin of 19.9% compared to 22.6% in Q4FY16.

Commenting on the results, Mr Bhavdeep Singh, CEO, Fortis Healthcare Ltd, said, “For Fortis Healthcare, our driving force continues to be the vision of creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system focusing on clinical excellence, superior patient care and services. We have made substantial headway, in both these critical areas despite the impact of demonetizationwith our consolidated FY17 revenues up by 8.7%, our hospital business revenues up by 8.3%. Our diagnostic business revenues are also up by 10.6%. Overall, the key operational parameters in the company’s hospital business continue to see a healthy uptrend. In the coming quarters, we will drive additional substantive gains as we further accelerate our efforts across all focus areas.”

Other Business Highlights – FY17

  • The Company in August 2016 announced the demerger of its diagnostics business and has since received a number of regulatory clearances as required.  It filed a Composite Scheme of Arrangement and Amalgamation (demerger of diagnostics business) with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Chandigarh and has subsequently got approval from the all shareholders and creditors of Fortis Healthcare, SRL Limited and Fortis Malar. The next hearing by NCLT is scheduled for June end.
  • In October 2016, the Company completed the acquisition of 51% economic interest in Fortis Hospotel Limited (FHTL) from RHT; witnessing a significant reduction in net BT costs – down 19% during the year. Since the deal was completed in October, the full impact of the reduction in the net BT costs would be significantly higher in FY18, further improving the Company’s operating EBITDA.
  • The Company during the year also issued shares in lieu of the conversion notice received by it from the FCCB holders for its USD 85 Mn equivalent bonds .i.e USD 30 Mn bonds listed on the SGX and USD 55 Mn bonds held by International Finance Corporation (IFC). The resulting capital post this conversion stands at approx. 51.7 Crore equity shares (excluding outstanding ESOPs). Post the above conversions, there are no further outstanding FCCBs / other convertible instruments.
  • The Company continued to maintain a healthy Balance Sheet with a net debt to equity ratio of 0.20 times. Net debt stood at Rs 1281 Cr as on 31st March 2017. This compares to a net debt of 0.16 times in the previous financial year and a net debt to equity ratio of 0.30 times as on December 31, 2016.

Key Highlights FY 17 – Hospital Business

  • In FY17, the top 10 facilities contributed approx. 77% of the hospital business revenue versus 76% in the previous year. Most facilities, including the larger ones at FMRI, Mohali, FEHI, Mulund, Noida, Shalimar Bagh, Anandpur and Ludhiana continued to exhibit growth momentum both in terms of revenues and operating margins.
  • The contribution of International sales to the overall revenue of the Hospital business stood at 10.6% (Rs 395 Cr), a growth of 10% over the previous year. The retail business witnessed significant traction which was driven by a heightened level of on-ground activities, medical and surgical camps. The Company further strengthened these initiatives with the opening of 4 new Information Centres in FY17 in the Middle East and Myanmar.
  • The Company continued to see healthy growth in the procedures performed across its facilities. Joint replacement surgeries (Knee and Hip) witnessed a strong growth of 28% with 10335 surgeries being performed during the year across the network. Transplant surgeries (Liver and Kidney) also witnessed a robust growth of 19%. The company also successfully performed close to 100 heart transplants during the year.
  • In order to further strengthen its clinical programs and have the best available talent for treating its patients, the Company during FY17 witnessed the joining of a number of senior consultants in the urology, nephrology and orthopaedics specialties. These eminent doctors have brought on board their immense knowledge and vast experience thus enabling the Company to gain a sharper focus on enhancing patient care and clinical outcomes.
  • As a part of its focus on growth through the O&M model, the Company during the year began operations in Rajasthan and Bangladesh. It also further strengthened its presence in Mauritius by taking over the operations and management of an existing hospital; adding to the existing hospital that it has been successfully managing for the past many years. The Company’s philosophy under the O&M model works on minimum guarantee basis with nil investments; in return for providing its robust systems and processes, high calibre clinical and administrative acumen and a well-established ‘Fortis’  Brand name.
  • In Q4FY17, the Company introduced and expanded its clinical programs and service offerings in several facilities  in its network. These included :
  • A state-of-the-art Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit inaugurated at FMRI. The 14-bed BMT ICU has 12 beds for adults and 2 paediatric beds.
  • To address the growing need for liver transplants and the treatment of liver related diseases, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, launched a dedicated Centre for Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant.
  • As part of International Women’s Day, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai launched an All Women’s Clinic. The multi-speciality clinic aims at providing a one-stop solution for women and is run by an all women team of clinicians and staff.
  • After publishing FEHI’s Cardiac Clinical outcomes data and Fortis Vasant Kunj’s Kidney Transplant (1 year Survival) clinical outcomes data, five other Fortis hospitals joined this initiative. Fortis Mohali, Fortis Mulund, Fortis BG Road, Fortis CG Road and FMRI published cardiac clinical outcome data for CABG and PTCA procedures.

Key Highlights FY 17 – Diagnostics Business

  • The lab medicine i.e. the pathology business contributed 86% to total revenues and grew 9% over the previous year. The contribution of the imaging business to total revenues declined to 6.9% from 8.2% in the corresponding previous period, mainly due to network rationalization. Clinical Trials, Wellness and the International segment contributed 7% to the overall revenues of the Diagnostics business.
  • SRL performed over 15.3 million accessions during the year, a 5.5% growth over last year. Through these accessions it undertook 35 million tests, up 7% as compared to 32.7 million tests in FY16. For the quarter, 3.8 million accessions were performed, a 5.6% growth over the corresponding quarter.
  • The business continued to have a well -diversified geographical mix with no over dependence on any region, allowing it to optimally capitalize on its pan India network. The business witnessed 31% revenues from the north, 27% from the west, 19% from the south, 20% from East and Central India and 3% from International for the period ended March 31, 2017.
  • SRL continued to grow its laboratory and collection centre network; adding 13 new laboratories and 31 collection centers while rationalising its portfolio with the closure of 4 laboratories and 34 collection centers in the quarter.
  • As of March 31, 2017, SRL had a network of 356 labs and approx. 5245 collection points.

Clinical Excellence – Q4FY17

  • A team led by Dr K. R. Balakrishnan, Director – Cardiac Sciences and Dr Suresh Rao, Head of Cardiac Anaesthesia & Critical Care, performed a lifesaving heart transplant on a 78-year-old patient, making him possibly the oldest person to receive a heart transplant in the country.
  • On January 19, 2017, Mumbai city witnessed its 40th Heart Transplant at Fortis Hospital, Mulund. The donor’s heart was harvested at Fortis S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim and was transported to Fortis Mulund, covering a distance of 23 kms in 17 mins.
  • A team led by Dr Vivek Vij, Director – Liver Transplant, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, conducted a novel surgery to save the life of a 21-year-old Iraqi woman. The patient suffered from Budd Chiari Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes blood clots in liver vessels.
  • A team led by Dr Randeep Wadhawan, Director, Minimal Access Surgery, Bariatric & Gastrointestinal Surgery at Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi created history by removing the world’s largest adrenal tumour, weighing 11.5 kgs, from a 55-year-old patient’s stomach.
  • A team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi performed a meticulous two-hour laparoscopic procedure to remove 838 stones from the gall bladder of a patient. This is reportedly the highest number of gallstones ever extracted from a patient in India.
  • A multi-speciality team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, successfully treated a 2-month-old Iraqi baby suffering from a rare congenital condition wherein the urinary bladder is exposed and the urinary tract organs are malformed.
  • A team of doctors at Fortis Hospital & Kidney Institute, Kolkata successfully performed a minimally invasive surgery to remove a 3 cm kidney stone in a 4-year-old boy from Lucknow.
  • Dr Rama Joshi, Director – Gynae Oncology, FMRI, Gurgaon, became the first Gynae Onco Surgeon in Northern India to complete 50 robotic surgeries in record time using the Da Vinci Robot. Dr Joshi performed these surgeries on patients ranging from 9 years to 81 years in age.

Awards & Accolades – Q4 FY17

  • Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru won a Gold at the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) for its ‘Mission AAA’ (Avoid Antibiotic Abuse) in the Physician Leadership Programme category. The award was presented at an event at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Fortis Hospital, Mohali was feted with the coveted Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Award for 2016. Dr Anita Sharma, Head – Infection Control Committee, received the honour on behalf of Fortis Mohali at a ceremony in Bangkok.
  • La Femme, New Delhi was ranked No. 2 in North India, 5th in the country in All India Critical Care Hospital Ranking Survey 2017.
  • Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur, became the first hospital in Rajasthan to receive the prestigious NABH Nursing Excellence accreditation, a testimony of the high nursing standard, unmatched expertise and relentless commitment towards patient welfare.
  • Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman – Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi was conferred with the prestigious ‘Life Time Achievement Award in Interventional Cardiology’ by the Chien Foundation, Singapore at the premier annual meeting of the Asian Pacific Interventional Cardiology – AsiaPCR SingLIVE 2017.
  • Prof Dr Upendra Kaul, Dean and Executive Director, Clinical Research, Fortis Healthcare was appointed as the Co-Chairman of the “Expert Group for CV Diseases”, under the Grant-in-Aid (GIA) scheme of Inter-Sectoral Convergence & Coordination for Promotion and Guidance on Health Research, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
  • Dr Vivek Jawali, Chairman – Cardiac Sciences, Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru was selected as a member of Medical Council of India’s special five-member committee formed to draw up an action plan to stimulate the growth of medical specialities and super specialities in India.

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