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Why Family Health Insurance Plan needs a Timely Re-Evaluation?

Why Family Health Insurance Plan needs a Timely Re-Evaluation?

In the day and age of today, a health insurance plan is a must for everyone. Health insurance plans need to be bought not only for adults and senior citizens but should also be bought for children as well. A health insurance plan is a type of backup plan for everyone who is insured in the case that they need financial assistance for a number of situations.

A family health insurance plan is a type of plan that not only covers the health insurance of a particular individual but takes care of the medical and health needs of the entire family as a group. The plan is a group plan that is dispatched by companies. Financially, the plan is cost-effective as compared to buying individuals health insurance plans for each and every member of the family.

Types of Family Health Insurance Plans

Depending on the needs and the requirements of the family, there are a number of family health insurance plans that are present. There are special family health insurance plans that cater to only one of the requirements of an individual while there are mixed and hybrid plans that are meant for more specific needs of the individual. Some of the different types of health insurance plans and their types are as follows:

  • Medical Insurance: As the name suggests, a medical family health insurance policy has the main objective of taking care of the health-related problems that a family may have. The plan is taken in order to provide financial support to the family in the case of a medical emergency. The plan is a general plan and one of the most common plans that bought.
  • Critical Insurance Plan: This is a type of health insurance family plan that is given by companies. The only difference between this plan and the normal medical insurance plan is the intensity of the plan and the premium of the plan itself. A critical insurance plan is taken up by a family in the case that there are severe medical problems that arise in the family, in which case the normal medical insurance cannot cover the expenses of treatment and hospitalization.

Inclusions of Family Health Insurance Plan

The best family health insurance plans are the ones that have the maximum number of inclusions and services to offer the customer and the minimum number of exclusions for the same. Different family health insurance plans have different types of inclusions and exclusions that are meant for the customer. There are some basic inclusions that are there for all family health insurance plans that include:

  • The entire hospital charges for any member of the family is taken care of by the health insurance itself. Even if the company cannot provide to pay for the charges immediately, a customer can ask for claims form the company later.
  • All the money that has to be spent for buying medicines and drugs will all be taken care of by the insurance company. In short, the insurance company pays for the different drugs that need to be bought by a player.
  • Organ donation and other donation expenses are all taken care of through the family insurance plan. In addition to this, the staying at a hospital or the daycare plans can also be taken care of by the plan itself.
  • All types of diseases that a person may get throughout their lifetime is taken care of by the medical family insurance plan. Any pre-existing diseases are also taken care of by the plan after a waiting period of a few years.
  • The family health insurance plan lasts throughout the lifetime of the insurance holder and his/her family as long as the insurance policy is renewed on a regular basis.

Documents Required for Availing a Family Health Insurance Plan

For buying any type of insurance plan from a company, there are a number of documents and forms that need to be filled out for the company. There are certain documents required from the company itself. A form needs to be filled out for applying to a family insurance plan which will include the details of those who are insured under the family policy. Some of the documents that are required for filling out a family insurance plan include:

  • Aadhar or PAN card of every member insured.
  • Bank statement.
  • Address proof.
  • Other necessary documents required from the website.

Premium and Claims Settlement Process

Each and every insurance that is present has a separate way for individuals to claim their insurance and have separate premiums for the same. The premium of one insurance differs from another depending on the company from where the insurance has been dispatched.

This premium is paid on a regular basis in order to renew the insurance on a regular basis. The more the number of family members that are insured under the health insurance plan, the more will be the premium for the particular health insurance itself.

The claims settlement for all health insurance policies is the same. Claims need to be filed with the insurance company itself for the claim to be processed. Claims can be directly processed at the hospital for medical family insurance plans, or they can be filled out later to the company directly.

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