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Embracing the Vegetarian Lifestyle: 5 Habits You Need to Have Right Away

Embracing the Vegetarian Lifestyle: 5 Habits You Need to Have Right Away

New Delhi: If you are a meat lover, ‘vegetarian’ might sound like a dirty word with ten unwanted letters. But you will have to admit the fact that people who follow a vegetarian diet have a smarter approach towards their eating habits. They possess a strong awareness towards the food they purchase, cook and eat. Not just this, a vegetarian diet also has plenty of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Vitamin-rich diet offers a glowing complexion and better skin
  • High fibre content aids in better digestion
  • Fewer risks of chronic illnesses due to less intake of cholesterol and fat

Well, now you know that embracing a vegetarian lifestyle is in the best interest of your health. While embracing a vegetarian diet entails much more than low-fat consumptions, it also helps you become more empathetic towards other life forms. While it can be a bit tough for a staunch non-vegetarian to embrace this way of life, it is not impossible.

To become a vegetarian, you just need to follow these five healthy habits. Once you regularly follow the habits, you will start loving your vegetarian way of life. Read on!

Well, if you are a meat-lover, veggies would have always been your side dish. However, instead of saying “I had chicken with some veggies,” start using “I had veggies.” When you rely on the consumption of vegetables in your meals, the chances of heart diseases reduce by 32 per cent.

Pulses are your best friends when it comes to a protein-based diet. Eating one serving of pulses a day can help you in weight loss, fat reduction, lower the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and many more.

Pulses also have high iron and fibre content, which means they will fulfil every need of your body without being too hard to digest.

When you start snacking on fruits, you reduce the chances of your fat intake drastically. Snacks like sandwiches, burgers and hot-dogs not only increase your fat intake but also increase your chances of having a heart attack.

While on the other hand, when you snack on fruits, your body gets proper mineral, vitamin and protein intake.

Most non-vegetarians not only love to include meat in their meals but also the things made from animal fat — be it butter, meat grease or any other sort of animal fat. However, when you start using veggie fats like tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds), olive oil and nut butter, you reduce the chances of sugar and blood pressure problems in your body.

How can something beat a cheesecake or a chocolate truffle when it comes to dessert? Well, many of you might not believe it, but veggie treats are also as tasty as the above-stated diabetes shortcuts. For instance, carrot cupcakes or cucumber basil sorbet are some desserts that are as tasty as a cheesecake. If you still have a hard time believing it, why don’t you go for it?

Well, there you have it – five health habits that will help you in embracing a vegetarian lifestyle in no time. These habits will also help you in reducing your chances of getting entangled with any critical illness. But you must remember that while these habits can reduce the chances, they cannot completely eradicate some unfortunate situations. Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase a health insurance policy to build an extra circle of safety around.

The best health insurance in India will not only help you cover the high hospital bills but will also provide you with a peace of mind that you have a safety net. You can purchase it from any of the reputed insurers in the country. However, it is advisable that you do complete research to find the best health insurance in India and check if it suits your preferences.

‘Summing Up’

After reading the article, you must be thinking that the transition from a non- vegetarian to vegetarian might be hard. But worry not! Vegetarianism does not entirely limit the consumption of your favourite products. Foods like cheese, yoghurt, milk, eggs and honey are some animal products consumed by vegetarians as well. So, start taking preliminary steps towards embracing a vegetarian lifestyle because
your health is your wealth!

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