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Cvergenx and HCG partner to launch Genomic Radiation Therapy

Cvergenx and HCG partner to launch Genomic Radiation Therapy

TAMPA, Fla. & BENGALURU: Cvergenx, Inc. and Healthcare Global Enterprises, Ltd. announced an exclusive collaboration to develop, validate and commercialize precision genomic radiation therapy (pGRTTM) technology in India and Africa.

This joint venture between HCG and Cvergenx will be the exclusive vehicle through which pGRT will be made available in those countries.

The proprietary pGRT platform, developed at Cvergenx by Dr. Javier F. Torres-Roca, Co-founder and Director of Clinical Research, Department of Radiation Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, is the first clinically validated approach to guide radiation dosage based upon the Radiosensitivity Index (RSI) of patients.

The HCG/Cvergenx joint venture will be the first commercial initiative to bring into clinical practice a solution that integrates genomics into radiation treatment planning and therapy in India.

“We are excited to be the first to bring precision radiation therapy to India. This technology will allow us to precisely tailor the dose of radiation treatment based on the patient’s genomic profile. It has the potential to truly revolutionize cancer care,” said Dr. B.S. Ajaikumar, Chairman, and CEO of HCG.

“HCG is redefining cancer care throughout its network of comprehensive cancer centers in India and Africa,” said Raymond F. Vennare, CEO of Cvergenx. “Their steadfast commitment to seeking out and adopting the latest advancements in technology aligns precisely with our own desire to bring radiation oncology into the era of personalized medicine. The ability to partner with HCG represents a significant move forward for Cvergenx and the practice of radiation therapy.”

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