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Blockchain-based healthcare setup Healthureum launched

Blockchain-based healthcare setup Healthureum launched

New Delhi: Health-based startup from Estonia has announced ‘Healthureum’ a blockchain based healthcare system which is devised to combat the current challenges faced by healthcare machinery across the globe.

‘Healthureum’ claims that the system will embark upon 100 percent drug traceability as it has been made to guarantee complete access and transparency to all the stakeholders involved in the process.

While medical industry has been fighting the challenge of drug traceability supply chain over the years, ‘Healthureum’ announced that the new system owing to its formation on blockchain will provide 100 percent transparency to the procedures and stages involved in the supply chain of drug formation, transportation, delivery, usage so on and so forth.

‘Healthureum’ spokesperson Ritu Tyagi said,”We believed drug traceability is the major issue and ever since the rising cases of medical terrorism are there, we believe a system like ‘Healthureum’ is a blessing since it will ensure the transparency involved in the blockchain technology will keep a track of every stage of supply chain system and easy drug traceability.”

It will also help in eradicating certain other challenges like medical interoperability, access to patient data, transparency in the reporting system.

Source: UNI
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