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Apollo Collaborates with Datar Genetics Ltd for Precision Oncolgy

Apollo Collaborates with Datar Genetics Ltd for Precision Oncolgy

Chennai:Apollo Hospital and Datar Genetics Ltd have come together to partner and promote  precision oncology based on molecular and genetic analysis.

According to The Hindu the hospital will be introduced to molecular and genetic analysis in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancer through this partnership. It will be able to apply technology for introduction of precision matching for organ and bone marrow transplants.

The collaboration between the hospital and Datar Genetics Ltd will also be leading to initiatives in research and development towards cancer management  and development of clinically implementable technologies.

Mr. K Hariprasad, President, Apollo Hospitals on the occasion stated“With the evolution of molecular diagnostics and genetics, it’s time to leverage technology to enable precision diagnosis and commensurate treatment, giving the patient the best chance to fight cancer upfront, save costs and reduce suffering.”

This innovative introduction to molecular and genetic analysis in diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of cancer will  enable disease avoidance in individuals as well as their family members.

According to the  American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, ( AMCG), “Not only can genetic testing inform genetic risks in other family members, but testing of other family members can sometimes/often inform the interpretation of results in a patient. For example, information regarding whether a candidate variant is de novo or inherited provides powerful evidence of its potential pathogencity, thereby giving the finding utility in other family members. Genome-scale testing of parents and a patient (trio testing) also reduces the number of variants that have to be considered as causative, thereby facilitating better interpretation of testing results and minimizing reporting of costly (in terms of both patient well-being and economic terms) false-positive results.

According to Rajan Datar, Managing Director, Datar Genetics, said in the statement, “It is inevitable that genetics will be the main stay of all aspects of the war on cancer.”



Source: Inputs from The Hindu
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