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UK can help India bring best healthcare to smart cities: NHS chief

UK can help India bring best healthcare to smart cities: NHS chief

New Delhi : The United Kingdom can play a “significant” role in helping India bring the best healthcare solutions to its proposed smart cities, a top functionary of UK’s largest healthcare system National Health Service (NHS) said.

“The UK has developed some of the most innovative healthcare services and systems in the world over the past seven decades of NHS. The UK has an unmatched combination of clinical, technological and academic expertise.

“I hope that our visit will help write a new chapter in the history of India’s health services, both in the private sector and in the Union government’s ambition to provide universal healthcare. British expertise is ideally placed to play a significant role in helping India bring the best smart healthcare to its Smart Cities programme,” NHS chairman Sir Malcolm Grant said here.

Grant, who is leading a high-powered trade mission to India, comprising representatives of 23 British companies and NHS Trusts, will hold talks with key Health Ministry officials and representatives of hospitals of North India.

The delegation, which was at the inauguration of the ‘Smart Healthcare Demonstrator’ exhibition here, will also visit Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The visit comes after a bilateral agreement between the UK and India during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to the UK where he and his British counterpart David Cameron emphasised on the potential of increased investment and cooperation between the two countries in health-related sectors.


British High Commissioner to India Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG said there are vast opportunities for the two countries to form closer partnerships and the healthcare sector, where the UK is a world leader, exemplifies the potential for greater collaboration.

“Indian government wants to provide universal healthcare and adopt ‘smart healthcare’ to support sustainable and world-class services for the Indian people.

“The UK has the expertise and technology to support every aspect of India’s healthcare systems and services. There is no better time than now for the UK and India to partner and shape the future of Indian healthcare,” he said.

Source: PTI
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  1. Why not the underprivileged Rural population of this vast NATION . Sir Domain . I know everyone wants EASY way . All these bigbulls set their eyes on the Metro cities , hence SET up the so called corporate Hospitals to squeeze out money in the name of HEALTH promotion. Which nothing but sham . There is perfect Nexus between the insurance companies and these Hospitals , even for simple surgeries they charge exorbitant prices. The insurance companies pay the bills with out any questions. When same / similar operations are done by a Smaller Nursing Homes managed by Qualified Doctors , the same Insurance companies put hundreden ten questions. Ultimately they have to close down their Nursing homes to take up some job of a Resident or Assistant professor in a Medical COLLEGES near by. These people are facing all sorts problems, ( Form the corporates, QUACKS, near by Medical colleges and their FACULTY members.and newly passed out professionals after working for them in the beginning and setup their own practice next door. That\’s why it\’s common to cluster of Nursing Homes in a Same localites in India. Instead of moving away . The QUACKS and other systems? Doctors/ Setup PRACTICE in left over areas, by hiring / appointment of the Doctors with Modern Medicine degrees. The end results big bad treatment . Our is the most unorganized HEALTH system in the entire world DESPITE HAVING Highest number ofDoctors and fMedica colleges in the world. Until and unless the system is put on the proper track. The disease, disability, damage and the Deaths are going to be on a higher side , rather Highest side. That\’s why out is the countries with in the country. The slogan unity in diversity sounds good on special occasions like Independent and Republic days, but it becomes useless when comes to HEALTH CARE, National interest . Etc. Because the treatment of Tuberculosis, HIV , dog bites, Malaria and others problems almost the same. That\’s even after 70 years of our Independence still we are stuck without Disentry, Diarrhea, worm infestation and Tuberculosis. Where no corporate Hospitals or MEDICAL COLLEGES KEEN to take care. These Hospitals are busy in promoting Joint replacement , cardiac, Transplant surgeries with all sorts funny and Fancy investigations like CT, MRI, PET Scans. With all these newer style of treatment , neither the quality of life, nor longevity of the our citizens any where close to the Developed world. Most poorer countries acros the world have BETTER HEALTH INDEX than our\’s. Directly From the Heart to the mobile phone screen. Dr Ramesh Vardhan.